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In 2007 Oregon set a 2020 greenhouse gas reduction goal that is almost 30% below today's levels. How do we get there? In October the Oregon Global Warming Commission unanimously adopted a roadmap of ideas, pending a public review process. Do you have comments about the Roadmap? Please share them!

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Biomass Project Generates Electricity, Reduces Emissions and Charges Up Josephine County Economy

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OGWC Resolutions

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Resolutions adopted by the Oregon Global Warming Commission are posted below. The resolutions are numbered using the following format:

(Year) - (Meeting #) - (Resolution #)

Year = Year of GWC meeting where resolution is adopted.
Meeting # = The meeting number in that year (e.g. first, second, third, etc.).
Resolution # = A sequential count of all resolutions adopted by the Commission.

Note that a resolution may take several meetings to become adopted. Therefore, earlier versions of resolutions may have several different meeting numbers before the final resolution number. For example, you may see resolution Z on several meeting agendas (2008-3-00Z, 2008-4-00Z, 2008-5-00Z) if it is not adopted in meetings 3 and 4 of that year and instead gets adopted in the fifth meeting of that year.

Resolutions Adopted in 2010

Resolution Number Title of Resolution
Unanimous 2010-3-014 Regarding Adoption of an Interim “Roadmap to 2020” Report
8 Yes
1 No
2 Not Present

Regarding a “Roadmap to 2020” Project for the Commission

Resolutions Adopted in 2009

Resolution Number Title of Resolution
7 Yes
1 No
3 Not Present
Commissioner Letters:
Port of Portland
Portland General Electric

The Nature Conservancy
Recommendations Regarding Western Climate Initiative Greenhouse Gas Proposals and Complementary Emission Reduction Measures
Unanimous 2009-2-010 Regarding the Oregon Climate Change Research Institute (OCCRI)
Unanimous 2009-2-011 Regarding SB 942 in the 2009 Legislative Session.
Unanimous 2009-3-012 Regarding the American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009


Resolutions Adopted in 2008

Resolutions 1-3 and 5-9 are also included in the OGWC's 2009 Report to the Legislature.

Resolution Number Title of Resolution
Unanimous 2008-3-001 Finding of Consistency for Proposal from Agriculture Sub-Committee
Unanimous 2008-4-002 Recommendations from the Energy Efficiency Working Group
Unanimous 2008-4-003 Recommendations from the Renewable Energy Working Group
Unanimous 2008-4-005 Recommendations from the Governor’s Transportation Vision Committee
Unanimous 2008-5-004 Recommendation from the Executive Committee
Unanimous 2008-5-006 Recommendations to the Oregon Land Conservation and Development Commission
Unanimous 2008-5-007 Recommendations from the Committee on Natural Resources
Unanimous 2008-5-008 Setting Priorities for Oregon Global Warming Commission