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In 2007 Oregon set a 2020 greenhouse gas reduction goal that is almost 30% below today's levels. How do we get there? In October 2010 the Oregon Global Warming Commission unanimously adopted a roadmap of ideas.

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Global warming is a huge challenge. It may seem insurmountable. After all, it’s the product of the entire world’s cumulative actions over the past 200 years. It will require large changes and small over the next several decades by all of us – government, businesses, communities and individuals – to reverse and stabilize our climate.

Many of the large changes are underway globally, nationally, and in state and local government policies and programs. They involve significant shifts in energy investments, from conventional combustion of fossil fuels – coal, oil and gas – to energy efficiency, new renewable technologies, and possibly new ways of using those same fossil fuels while capturing and containing greenhouse gas emissions. The Oregon Global Warming Commission urges, in the strongest possible terms, that Oregonians participate as these policy choices are made. We will try to identify opportunities for you to understand those choices, and opportunities to speak out.

Changes made by individuals and households, added together, do make a difference. Some of these changes involve significant choices – making our houses more energy efficient, or choosing a new car that uses less fossil fuel, or choosing to rely on public transportation. Other changes are smaller but can add up (just as our failure to make them adds a little more carbon to the atmosphere each time). All these changes accumulate, and together with effective new national and state policies, our efforts add up to meaningful greenhouse gas reductions and meaningful moderation of climate change. Many of these choices will also end up saving us money as well.

Want to help keep Oregon – and the planet – cool?

Many Oregonians are taking action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and plan for climate change. The links below will guide you to resources and tools to join the effort - we encourage you to contribute your Take Action ideas as well.