Climate Change Resources

Looking for more information about climate change and its effects?
These resources will give you a good start. 

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Oregon global warming commission reports

Commission reports are a great resource for greenhouse gas emissions data, as well as Oregon priorities for reducing emissions and combating climate change.

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Oregon Department of Energy

The Oregon Department of Energy is working to lead Oregon to a safe, clean and sustainable energy future. ODOE tracks Oregon's Renewable Portfolio Standard, supports the Oregon Global Warming Commission, and more.


Oregon Health authority

Oregon's Climate and Health Program works to study, prevent, and plan for the health effects of climate change. OHA's work includes a Climate and Health Resilience Plan, information on climate hazards in Oregon, and tools for addressing the negative health effects of climate change.

Oregon Climate change research institute

OCCRI is a climate change research network of more than 150 researchers at Oregon State University, the University of Oregon, Portland State University, Southern Oregon University, and affiliated federal and state labs.

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